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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112461542115111793171680124Baljeet KalraFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield12 1Donath
2109137473515111793171662109Sahil SuriFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield8 1Olympic Colts
3104157695615111793171659104Vijay P PatelFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield7 1Dennis
4972778511511179317560497Robbie KristensonFairfield 2nd XI2019/2020NMCA - Les Horne Shield - "C" Grade1 1Heidelberg West 2nd XI
5966154211511179317166296Baljeet KalraFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield8 1Olympic Colts
695227741511179317163995Rob CowenFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield2 1Olympic Colts
771227851511179317560771Nic HyndesFairfield 2nd XI2019/2020NMCA - Les Horne Shield - "C" Grade2 1Strathewen 2nd XI
86717466541511179317564067Joe SworderFairfield 2nd XI2019/2020NMCA - Les Horne Shield - "C" Grade10 1Dennis 2nd XI
96516158091511179317564065Yash MoreFairfield 2nd XI2019/2020NMCA - Les Horne Shield - "C" Grade10 1Dennis 2nd XI
10619112031511179333983061*Arun KumarFairfield OD2019/2020NMCA - R. Young - Designated One Day Competition6 1Sagarmatha OD
1159227851511179317165459*Nic HyndesFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield6 1Camrea
12576154211511179317165957Baljeet KalraFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield7 1Dennis
13576154211511179317164157Baljeet KalraFairfield2019/2020NMCA - Jack Quick Shield3 1Northern Socials
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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