Date of Event Fairfield Cricket Club : Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:14PM

We won, we won, we won!!!


It’s still almost to good to be true – but our

12 awesome team members – Kelly Burchfield,

Kate Daly, Chloe Elkington, Chantelle Foreman,

Jyoshna Holdsworth, Kelly Howard, Selina Lee,

Katie Rumbel, Jenn Sheehan, Simone Watt,

Nicole Watt & Casey Weston, once again did us

proud with their never-say-die attitude and their

managing to fight their way back when the game

looked almost lost.



Once again we batted first and once again we lost

early wickets without troubling the scoreboard to

much – but somehow we did manage to get the

score to 10/106, which gave us a fighting chance,

if our bowlers and fielding were to be on song.


Ok now it was Olympic Fillies to the crease and

hooley- dooley how excited did we get at 1/7,

then 2/16, the team and their supporters, were

suddenly starting to feel we had a chance.


Then just when you think things can’t get any

better it was 3/23, 4/25, 5/32.

The supporters were squealing with delight – they

could taste victory – just a few more wickets needed

and it would be – a dream come true. The very first

women’s premiership for the club.


So our bowlers went in strong and the wickets fell 6/36,

7/55, 8/63, 9/64 and then the final wicket fell at 10/65.


Whoop-de-do, they did it, they showed that they were a

team with depth, guts, determination and above all a

commitment to one another to give 110% when necessary

to achieve the ultimate.


Highlights of this match – apart from producing

12 premiership players were -


Kelly Burchfield 5/12 and an assisted run out which also gave

her the player of the match award,


Chloe Elkington 2/22, and an assisted run out,


Kate Daly top scoring with the bat,


Jyoshna Holdsworth great run stopping in the field


Nicole Watt 1/2 and 50th game for the club


Kelly Howard great keeping and some handy runs,


Jenn Sheehan 1/9, her first ever wicket.


Selina Lee 2 awesome catches,


Chantelle Foreman great athleticism in the field and taking

her first catch


Katie Rumbel 1 catch,


Simone Watt 2 catches and 50th game for the club,


Casey Weston 1 fantastic catch,


everyone playing their role and doing

just what needed to be done to be

“20/21 Summer Lenore Smith Shield” winners.



Well done and thank you for bringing so

much enjoyment to the numerous supporters

who witnessed the making of a piece of

Fairfield history – the club’s very first womens

premiership team.

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